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Hi, I am Paul Visscher and I am the owner of i4 images photography.

I have been into photography since I was a small boy taking photos of my family, pets and even my toys with my little Kodak Instamatic! It was not until 2005, however, that I decided to make the move from enthusiast to professional.

So what sets me apart from other photographers? Well, I could be cliche and say I am pasionate about photography, but any photographer who is dedicated to the art should be passionate. The thing is it takes more than passion to be a good photographer. It takes a good eye, good technical knowledge and years of experience.

With the age of digital photography, there are thousands of photographers out there all trying to make a living and many who are good at using Photoshop, but it is important to take a good photo from the outset and then only minimal adjustments are required post-production.

I am a perfectionist and do not compromise in the work I produce. I learned to photograph with film long before I picked up my first digital camera. I shoot only in RAW format, which is the digital equivalent of a negative. This gives me the greatest amount of control in the quality of the image.

In addition to good technical knowledge, when it comes to photographing people, it is also important to enagage with your subject.

I get to know my clients and understand what they are looking for out of their images. I build a rapport and trust with them that allows them to relax and results in better photos.

So if you are after brilliant images, every time, come and see me!

Contact me today to find out more, or follow the links on the right to one or more of our social media sites to see more of our work.

Photographer Paul Visscher


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